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2001-02 Persistent Vision , interactive computer music with dance

Persistent Vision is a collaborative dance piece made with Choreographer Carol Murota and Ali Momeni. The musical accompaniment for this piece was based on capturing and processing dancer initiated sound events. A special choir of dancers called the Turba was stationed behind a scrim while a smaller group of soloists worked on the visible stage. An array of microphones and sensors were positioned around the stage area and all the signals were fed to a Max/MSP patch built by Ali Momeni.

The dancers in Persistent Vison were taught by Campion to be sensitive to sound and to learn to use the body as a musical instrument. A special training, a specific vocabulary of sounds and a method for conducting the dancers was invented. View Persistent Vision dancer training ing media player above.

Persistent Vision was funded by a grant from the Consortium for the Arts at UC Berkeley.