Edmund Campion

Upcoming Concerts

May 15, 2011 Mystery Variations, Anssi Kartunnen, solo cello, San Francisco Performances

Jun 1, 2011, Musica, Earplay Ensemble, Herbst Theatre, San Francisco

San Francisco

Recent Concert Highlights

March, 2011, Ondoyant et Divers, Les Percussion de Strasbourg (50th anniversary tour), University at Buffalo, and Cal Performances, UC Berkeley

December, 2010, Corail with Jim Gailloreto, Music Now (Chicago Symphony)

November 2010, Zellig Ensemble, new work for ensemble (commissioned by the Societe Generale),Brown University, University of Indiana, University of California, Berkeley

September, 2010, The Argento Ensemble,new work for digital piano, 17 instruments and computer, New York City

November, 2009, 3 Roulettes, Edmund Campion, piano and computer, Roulette, NYC (monograph concert of the music of Edmund Campion).

October 5, 2009, 600 Seconds in the Old Model, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, San Francisco

July, 2009, Ondoyant et Divers, Les Percussion des Strasbourg, Chateau de Pierrefonds -- Festival des Forêts

June 16, 2009, ADKOM, Drumming Ensemble with Miquel Bernat, Opera Hoy, Madrid (multi-media presentation with film and actors). Production of the National Theatre of Porto Portugal and Opera Hoy.

May 28, 29, 2009, ADKOM, Drumming Ensemble with Miquel Bernat, Lisbon Portugal.

February 27,28, 2009, The University Symphony with David Milnes presents Practice for orchestra and computer.

February 14, 2009, Présence Festival, Radio France, presents the premiere of "600 secondes dans le vieux modèle" for ensemble. Commissioned by Radio France

November 15, 2008, Chamber Bridge Festival present Melt me so with thy Delicious Numbers with violist, Charlton Lee http://chamberbridge.org/Festival.html

October 14, 2008, Composers INC presents the premiere of "From Swan Songs" for violin and piano with David Abel and David Abe

September 4, 2007, The San Francisco Electronic Music Festival presents Thomas Buckner performing ME for Baritone and computer, Theatre Artaud